Your Story

I've learned that even though these blank books come from my hands,
they've become so much more. They've become an extension of you.

One of the great, unexpected delights of creating and exhibiting my books is that I am often entrusted with your  stories. By watching you give pause and carefully select the book that is right for your purpose, I've learned that doing so is a very personal process. Luckily, it takes little prompting for many to share the reason why they need a blank book. For one woman, it was to be a gift for a recently widowed friend as a place to release her sorrow. One adventurer confided that it she needed a travel journal--at long last she was taking her family to experience the land of her ancestors. And then there was the newlywed couple who recently moved to Australia--at first, these two simply wanted a unique guest book for their day, but their vision soon turned it into a lifetime book to record their future milestones.

Please, if you'd be so kind, share your story here. Let others be inspired by the remarkableness that can only be you. Thank you!  


  1. My little sister and I came across these amazing handmade notebooks at the Sprung! festival at St. Catharines. I could tell my sister really loved a particular one with different print on the covers. She didn't say anything, but I knew she didn't want to let go of it. I know how much she loves art, sketching, and doodling, and how good she is at it. I just had to go back and get this for her since her birthday was coming up. I can't wait to see her reaction when she opens her gift in July!

  2. Hannelore recently crafted some beautiful custom journals using maps of places that have been important to the people I was giving them to. For my wife, it was Paris, where we traveled together just before our first child was born. For my brother-in-law, it was Tofino, BC where he spent a few years surfing before moving on to more "serious" things in Australia. They both love them! Thanks Hannelore!

    1. It was a true pleasure, Jason, to make those for you and yours. Thank you for entrusting me with the challenge.