(photos courtesy of Mimosa Flower Studio)
Just  a guest book? Only  a journal? Simply  an album? Or are they? Like the love letters you bound in ribbon and tucked carefully away for safe-keeping, there are some mementos in our life that are priceless. They are so because they are an extension of who we are at a moment in time. They represent an event so precious that we will forever remember the day because it is a day worth remembering. So after you've searched through countless stationery displays for the right book to capture the event, occasion, or purpose and have come up feeling that something is lacking in your options, perhaps it's because you need something that reflects who you  are, where you've  been, and where you're  headed. 

By working together, we can create something that is unique, personal, and ideal. Let me hear your story so we can dream up a book that meets your needs--from colours, sizes, paper options, and more.

photos:  This wonderful tangerine guest book was created for Mimosa Flower StudioI collaborated with Jennifer to create the perfect book to fit her theme and vision. She gave me her wants and I showed her what was possible in practice. Delightedly, she offered me ideas that I'd not fully considered, and with my experience and excitement I made them a reality. The result? Well, see for yourself! We created an elegant book that echoes the feel and colours of her display. The tangerine Japanese silk-screened paper was a perfect choice. As pretty as it looks closed, once opened there are unexpected delights, such as the co-ordinating grey end papers (inside covers). Together we took her wedding story and made it a timepiece to treasure. Just think what I can do for your own special event!

My favourite touch, however, is the addition of the delicate sheets of the bright orange Japanese tissue dividing the page sections, or signatures. They just make the book "pop."

I love the unexpected delight of orange inside!